5 Times My Friends Inspired Me With Their Mind-Blowing Quotes

Frequently talk with your friends; they might have the answers you have been looking for.

I enjoy a deep, one-on-one dialogue with a friend. Such conversation often leads to unexpected wisdom coming from their mouth. During this time, we open up to each other, telling personal stories and sharing experiences. And you realize that they are, after all, human beings with wisdom, no matter how silly they act.

Often, our friends are weird, silly, and stupid beings that you spend time with to have fun. But on rare occasions, they become the source of wisdom and the reason for my contemplation.

These random quotes come from deep and connected conversation, that is why it is full of thought-provoking idea. These might not be the absolute truth, but they make you think. And when we think, we grow.

“I will be working for the next 40 years so I am not in a hurry.”

When you think too much about the future, you cannot enjoy the present.

This struck me really hard because I have been working to improving my life and my future while abandoning my early adulthood. I am 21 now, and I am thinking too much about the future. I feel old, and it is not good.

I took the break by playing new games, talking with friends about love, and things people consider childish and unproductive.

Such activities rejuvenated me. It boosted my energy level, and I feel happier and younger.

You might be feeling the same. You might feel that you don't have enough time for all the work and study you must do. This will sound controversial, but if you are 21 and feel all this pressure, you need a break. You need a lazy and unproductive moment to recharge.

Social media and the internet have brainwashed us into the hustle culture. Everyone is trying to be as productive as possible. This will make some, and this will break some.

And when you are deep into it, you feel guilty when you spend time slacking off. This is just unhealthy. You really need a break; you deserve a break.

It is a must to think about your future, but if it is the only thing in your head, it is insanity.

“I regret comparing myself to my brother too much.”

Comparison is the root of all conflicts and insecurity.

This guy is my good friend. He is a decent man with a decent life. He is doing great compared to most people.

But he compared his success to his brother’s. His brother is the epitome of conventional success: going to a good college, have a high-paying job, and have a good family. His brother is so successful that my friend can't enjoy his success.

Aren’t we all like him?

The Internet tells you that a 20-year-old has racked up his first $100,000 while you are still living with your parents. Of course, you will feel bad about your life.

The only comparison you need is today you against yesterday you. It is too unfair for you to compare yourself to other people. There are too many different variables. They are just not apple to apple.

Do yourself a favor; appreciate your success more than others.

“Without my emotion, I would be the king of Wall Street.”

This friend of mine is a trader. Emotion is his archnemesis. Without emotion, he would be on top of his game. He is not wrong. His game requires good emotional maturity and control.

But what if he really had no emotion? What if we had no emotion? I am 100% sure we would achieve greatness.

But you know the reason we pursue greatness, right? Happiness. Emotion is a gift. Emotion is the reason life is worth living. There is no other reason.

In a more general scenario, how often do we swallow our emotions for the sake of productivity? Maybe a little bit too much. We conceal our emotions. Showing them is considered a vulnerability. How messed up is that?

Being human means being emotional. The best we can do is to be reasonable. Always include your feelings into consideration. It should be a sin to neglect them.

Emotion can and should be control. It is a double-edged sword. But in the end, whatever we do is to ignite emotion within. That is the only reason to continue living.

“During zoom call, I look at myself.”

You do this too, don't you?

How often do you think other people pay attention to your existence? Rarely.

See it from your perspective, how often do you scrutinize other people’s actions or imperfections? Personally, I rarely see them unless they point them out.

In contrast, how often do you scrutinize yourself? You examine everything about you, just to be perfect in front of other people. Some people are obsessed with themselves that they only see their imperfections.

I am guilty of this. Every time I see myself, I see imperfections: my big pores, my crooked teeth, my single eyelid. The truth is that people don't see them unless I tell them.

They don't see me the way I see myself. And I don't see them the way they see themselves.

We are too harsh on ourselves. We criticize our wrongdoings harsher than anyone. We focus on our shortcomings more than anyone.

Do yourself a favor; tell yourself people don’t care, people don't care, people don't care. Because more often than not, they don't.

“She is attractive because she is not perfect”

We should see imperfections as features, not defects.

Have you ever seen a woman so beautiful only to be less desirable when they do some plastic surgery to “perfect herself”?

You might have a friend who modifies too much of his body that makes him look weird. Yes, that is what I am talking about.

Until a certain improvement, it makes people more attractive. Putting on makeup and beautiful clothes, using braces, changing hair color. These often enhance ones’ appearance.

Then you see people injecting botox here and there, and they now look like aliens. They want to be perfect too much. They can’t stop.

Know when to stop, and accept the rest of your features. Your beauty is not defined only by your physical appearance.

I looked for inspiration and wisdom here and there, only to found it when talking casually with people. And maybe that is what you need: a good conversation with good people. They might be holding the key to a more fulfilling life.

I am grateful to be surrounded by great people. I appreciate their existence in my life.

A simple person who loves philosophy, good food, and dogs. I write articles on communication, self-help, and occasional coding stuff. A HUGE F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans.

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