3 Reasons Why Instagram Sucks the Life Out of You

Instagram is the epitome of internet fakery and ruthless online judgment.

You marvel and applaud big heroes in their big heroic actions, and forget you are a hero in your humble life and have modest heroic actions to complete yourself.

Bangambiki Habyarimana

Every time I opened Instagram, I saw how amazing my friends’ lives were. They had many friends. They ate good food. They went to interesting places. While here I was, sitting in front of my computer looking for an escape from my routine.

Then I met and asked them in real life how to live such an interesting life. Well, most of the time, they don’t. Most of the time, they are like me, bored, clueless, and jealous of others’ lives.

Truth be told, I am not mentally strong enough to keep using Instagram. It is no longer a social media; it has become a human resume platform.

I remember that a few years ago, Instagram was only a place to share pictures. That’s it. People share pictures because they want to share their moments. That was a good time.

This platform has transformed into a human resume platform, showing how amazing, interesting, fun your life is. It has transformed into a dating screener platform, showing how pretty, tall, and rich you are. It has become a social gimmick platform. It is no longer fun to use.

Unwritten standard

Instagram has this unspoken, unwritten, but widely acknowledged standard of posts. People must polish their pictures beforehand. Only then will you be judged by your followers through likes.

For most people, the more likes obtained, the better. It is sickening.

Instagram likes have this magical power. If your post gains significantly lower likes than your average likes, the instant judgment will haunt you. And I don’t think it only happens to me.

Maybe this is why people only post edited, enhanced, polished posts. We are afraid of judgment. We are afraid of being not good enough.

What it does to you

You will always be conscious of your appearances and personas. Why? Because everyone looks perfect, lives the perfect life, eats the perfect food.

You will be afraid to post mediocre images, frightened by the sheer judgment of your followers (even though they don’t care).

Fake personas

Since everything in Instagram is polished, how can you judge someone from a single Instagram feed?

Most of my friends have a second account or even a third one.

No, it is not wrong to have multiple accounts. Those additional accounts are reserved for good friends only. That is how you use social media, sharing news and stuffs with friends.

The main account? For strangers to admire.

What it does to you

You will try to be someone you are not. You will try to keep your aesthetic feed intact. You will be someone your friends don’t recognize.

You will trick people into perceiving you the way you want to be perceived, and people will do the same to you. You don’t know who is who anymore.

Normalized bragging

Not only is it fake, people only post great things about their lives. It is a platform to show what you have achieved, acquired and accomplished. Have you seen people sharing bad news about their lives? Rarely.

People want to be perceived as this awesome human being, and that is perfectly fine.

But if that is the rule, we reject vulnerability and embrace pride into the platform. We scorn people for being emotional and praise people for being successful, regardless of the context.

What it does to you

You will compare your life to others constantly. This is the worst punishment to your soul. You will always think you are not enough. You will be constantly reminded that a 10-year-old boy is earning more than you or a young teenager has become a worldwide prominent speaker while you are still living with your parents.

Everyone has their own timeline. Constantly comparing yourself to others mess up your timeline. You will think you have a terrible timeline. The truth is, most people are like you; most of us are average. We never post our failures and miseries on Instagram.

However, if used correctly, Instagram is a powerful platform. Use Instagram only for productive activities:


There are still lots of fish in the sea. As a business person, you must harness the platform. Images are the easiest medium to get to audiences or customers, and Instagram is the best platform to showcase the pictures.

Personal branding

Public figures must have a page dedicated to their own agenda. It will help if you interact with people to keep your fans and followers.

Content creation

There are still ways to exploit the huge audience Instagram possesses. Content creators should harness it.

Instagram is no longer a social media platform. If you don’t need to do the three things mentioned above, quickly get leave. It is a soul-wrenching platform dedicated to hooking you forever.

If you intend to socialize, move away from Instagram. Shun the drama and the fakery.

A simple person who loves philosophy, good food, and dogs. I write articles on communication, self-help, and occasional coding stuff. A HUGE F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans.

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